Memorial Day Service

We will begin the service at 10 A.M. For the worship service, we will have a couple of songs for special music by Clay Perry, the traditional reading of the names of those who have passed away over the last year, and the sermon.


We will have the sound system set up and an FM transmitter so that you can listen through the speakers that will be positioned across the campus or through your car radio. Tune your cars to 95.5 FM. If you wish to crank your car and listen on your radio, you will be able to do so.

There will be an usher at each entrance with a bucket for you to drop your tithes and offerings in so that you do not have to continue mailing them. You can still mail them, if you so desire, but we will have an usher at each entrance point if you would like to go ahead and give them Sunday. 


We will have the graveside service following the worship service. We will dismiss those who are going to the cemetery at the end of the service to begin making their way back. Please remember to keep social distancing at all times for the safety and well-being of everyone. We are asking that if you plan to go to the graveside, that you park in the parking lot by the narthex and around to the grass/behind the field if need be. This way, individuals and families who do not plan to go to the graveside can park on the other side and be able to get out without any issues.

We plan to park cars a little differently to allow for lawn chairs/bag chairs, at social distances, in front of the trailer in the grass. Depending on how wet the field is, we may need to limit all parking to the pavement and not park any cars on the grass. It is supposed to rain through Friday, so we will be monitoring the field and checking it on Sunday morning to ensure if it is suitable for cars to be parked on it without messing it up.

All funds given in the offering will go to the Cemetery Fund unless otherwise designated on the check or envelope.

We will be sharing this information on the main Bennett Baptist Facebook page, on the website, and through an All Call. There is still a possibility that visitors may not receive the information, so if you can share this with anyone you know that is planning on coming so that they are aware of the start time (10 A.M.) and where to park if they plan to go to the graveside, it would be most appreciated.

95.5 FM

Parking Layout

(This image depicts max capacity) 

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